Introducing Revolutionary Nanoparticle Compound


A potent nanoparticle compound for novel immunotherapy and vaccine development


Immunotherapy and vaccine treatments for a wide range of diseases

Havin successfully launched its Vilact range of skincare therapies based on LACTOACTIVE®, Vilacto Bio is devoting its full resources to the pre-clinical development of immunotherapy and vaccine treatments for a wide range of diseases. These treatment approaches are based on LACTOACTIVE iTHER®, a new LACTOACTIVE® variant that combines potent immune-system enhancement with a proven nanoparticle drug delivery system (NDDS).


Produced at Vilacto Bio’s own facilities in Denmark, LACTOACTIVE iTHER® combines bovine colostrum with other substances to stimulate local antibody production via an injectable nanoparticle drug delivery system (NDDS). Emerging therapies for treating cancer, immunodeficiency disorders, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, thrombocytopenia and vitiligo all stand to benefit.

A history of success

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What is


LACTOACTIVE iTHER® is a type of nanotherapy with particles that range from 10 nm to 300 nm in diameter. The particles consist of refined colostrum and other ingredients that both contain vital antibodies and stimulate the immune system to fight diseases, including:


Immunodeficiency disorders





Other demonstrable benefits include anti-inflammation and growth-stimulation properties.




Thanks to its nanoparticle formulation, which can be injected, used in implantable delivery systems or applied topically, LACTOACTIVE iTHER® can be directed into the affected cells, where it boosts the immune system’s response to the disease in question. No other biotech firm has managed to “weaponize” colostrum so effectively. Vilacto Bio holds the patent for LACTOACTIVE iTHER®.

Why immunotherapy and vaccine production?

In recent years, immunotherapy is emerging as one of the most powerful treatments we have for cancer, immunodeficiency disorders and a range of other diseases. It is interesting because it makes use of the body’s own ability to fight off disease. And because it works. Because it amplifies immune response, LACTOACTIVE iTHER® is classified as an activation immunotherapy.

Vaccines also stimulate the body to ward off diseases. LACTOACTIVE iTHER® can be useful in vaccine production because colostrum both contains antibodies and stimulates immune system production of antibodies.

Randomized controlled studies of immunotherapy applied to different cancers show a significant increase in survival and disease-free period.

When cell-based immunotherapy is combined with conventional treatment methods, studies show that efficacy is enhanced by 20–30%.



The bovine colostrum used in LACTOACTIVE iTHER® contains numerous antibodies and other immune system components, as well as components that stimulate the immune system to produce its own antibodies.


Bovine colostrum contains numerous immunoglobulins and other proteins linked to immune-system functioning. These include the antibodies IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, and IgM, along with lactoferrin, lactalbumin, and lactoglobulin.

These proteins neutralize toxins and microbes by destroying bacteria and are highly antiviral. The antiviral, anti-bacterial, iron-binding protein lactoferrin modulates cytokine release.


Colostrum also contains proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) and cytokines, which stimulate immune-system response in different ways.

PRPs are hormone-like substances that appear to help regulate some functions of the thymus gland by stimulating an underactive immune system or inhibiting an overactive immune system.



Nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems (NDDSs) are one of the most exciting and promising areas of drug development today. Because of their size and other characteristics, they are able to target and penetrate cells in ways that traditional medicines cannot.

Various NDDSs, including inorganic nanoparticles (NPs) such as metallic NPs and semiconductor nanostructures, organic NPs such as polymer carriers and carbon nanostructures, and hybrid NPs, have been shown capable of suppressing most cancers. And nanotechnology is creating new opportunities for implantable delivery systems, which display no first-order kinetics and can thus be preferable to injections.

The particles that comprise LACTOACTIVE iTHER® range from 10 nm to 300 nm in diameter, and have already been shown, via application in topical treatments, to penetrate effectively and resist degradation in the body.